Visual Asset Management

Spheron’s Visual Asset Management business unit offers solutions for general onsite scene documentation. It simplifies onsite communication details by linking pioneering visualization technology to real business asset data. Improving onsite awareness as well as aiding the proficiency of it users.


The system is able to interpret, analyse and report on locations, sites or assets. Such new workflows have already delivered advantages to many organisations in terms of an ability to react, discuss and improve site communications and reduce the need for continuous costly onsite visits. It builds consensus with colleagues about a location and allows for effective collaborative decision making. Allowing users to virtually visit sites plus exchange and distribute information instantly all via their desktops.

SceneCenter Frameworks

*   Intelligent solutions for virtual site access

*   Interpreting, Analysing, Reporting on sites or buildings

*   Authorised personnel explore a Scene remotely via an online database portal

*   Organise unstructured information into a clear visual display

*   Reduce the cost of continuous onsite costs

*   Complementary to the BIM (Building Information Management) process.

*   Improve knowledge-transfer with general on-site awareness

For such a process Spheron provides a full suite of tools including hardware recording technology in the form of a mobile Reality Capture camera device, through to the specifically designed visually based software database system, which is an easy-to-use automated approach for onsite digital documentation.


This is next-generation Virtual Site tour technology, which truly provides a rich interactive visual simulation of an existing location.

It facilitates remote virtual location access whilst also offering a collaboration tool between multiple users providing them with a communication method  in the most timely and cost effective manner.

An added feature of the system is its ability to provide a collaborative environment for users to  maintain the integrity of all visual assets and their associated information. A digital solution which may be operated both locally and or via an online database portal, providing virtual site access 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

A system which is both reliable and high-performance with product solutions for both small businesses through to large scale corporate organizations. It establishes a visually based central database storage facility, for all recorded digital asset & facility information. Documenting and communicating aspects for many applications such as – Restricted Access Visuals, Condition Survey Assessments, Maintenance Reports, Asset Care, Health & Safety, Facility Management, Fire Risk Assessments, Insurance Inspections, Heritage Archiving, Training,  Site Security, Asset Audit reports, plus many others...

Once the visual assets are recorded and stored in the technologies SQL database, they can then be made available for use and re-use by defined groups of people, including inside authorised personnel whom have regular site access or by external contractors and other such persons outside of an organisation. All access permitted users are able to navigate around such a database via an intuitive 3d graphical interface.

Made to be useful throughout a building or sites entire lifespan, including during the process of constructing, operating, maintaining, upgrading, and even thru the end-of- life decommissioning / demolition processes.

Make smarter decisions with ‘Real Reality’ based remote visual site access. - Increase efficiency and reduce costs. Get full visibility into whatever infrastructure you own, lease, operate, run ...

Give your maintenance technicians secure remote virtual site access, provide them with access to further linked notifications /  inventory  and other such detailed information on the go.


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