Milestones of Innovation

1998: It all begins with the idea of a digital panoramic camera. The first prototype is presented at the Photokina, Cologne, Germany and earns enthusiastic responses. So the decision going professional is made and the initial PanoCam is released soon later on.

1999: Just one year later, the full spherical SpheroCam (180°x360°) with a resolution of up to 50 Megapixel is launched.

2000: Establishing SPHERON-VR AG in Kaiserslautern, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany paves the way for further innovations and allows organising modern in-house production facilities and professional customer services.

2001: SPHERON-VR AG is presenting a world novelty - the SpheroCam HDR: it is a 32-bit camera, which captures a full spherical image with up to 26-f stops dynamic range in one single scan. The ‘Made in Germany’ product is considered to be the pioneering commercial product in High Dynamic Range imaging technology (HDRi).

2002: First success for the SpheroCam HDR within the film industry, followed by numerous sales to significant Hollywood productions.

2003: Enhancement of the solution-portfolio with immersive 3D-Measurement: SpheroCam HDR in combination with individually calibrated lens and tripod, plus a newly developed SpheronViewer- Software.


2004-2006: Numerous innovations for the computer graphic market: The concept of Reality-Based Visualization is fully proofed by integration of sampling devices for light, material and geometry with dedicated plug-in’s for Ray-Tracers.

2007: Launch of the SceneWorks-Solution into the forensics market: a combination of full spherical photography and a database driven content management system allows for visual crime scene documentation.

2008: Release of the first software update for SceneWorks, the SceneCenter Forensic v1.1 with numerous new functionalities and full support for Microsoft Windows Vista™.

2009: Developed a fully functional prototype of HDRv (High Dynamic Range video camera). A world's first again?. Launched SceneCenter 1.2. The Co-founder Mr. Gerhard Bonnet is awarded with the Robert-Luther Prize of the German Society of Photography for development of SpheroCam HDR.

2010: Launch of the new ScanLight device and its integration into the preview/capturing- process. Released new version of the SceneWorks SceneCenter forensics Software - version 1.3. Launch of SceneCenter-FrameWork: Visual Asset Management for applications outside forensics.

2011: Developed a new version of the SceneWorks SceneCenter Software - version 1.4.

2012: Development and launch of SceneCenter Software version 1.5. Investment into new Production facilities at companies HQ, including new advanced 5-axis milling production machines.

2015 : Development and launch of the Spheron-Lite product – A lighter weight Spheron camera system for use in the point cloud colourisation process..

2017 : 10th anniversary of the visual content management software SceneCenter. Spheron-VR issues version 2.0 of the SceneCenter software.