Visual Asset Management

Spheron’s Visual Asset Management business unit offers solutions for general onsite scene documentation. It simplifies onsite communication details by linking pioneering visualization technology to real business asset data. Improving onsite awareness as well as aiding the proficiency of it users.


The system is able to interpret, analyse and report on locations, sites or assets. Such new workflows have already delivered advantages to many organisations in terms of an ability to react, discuss and improve site communications and reduce the need for continuous costly onsite visits. It builds consensus with colleagues about a location and allows for effective collaborative decision making. Allowing users to virtually visit sites plus exchange and distribute information instantly all via their desktops. 


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The Spheron SceneCam is a unique mobile Reality Capture device – A high resolution fully automatic camera technology which is able to provide full spherical imagery of sites or locations. A 50 meg pixel camera which is capturing full spherical 360 x 180 uninterrupted views each time.


Being reliable and full configured, the device is your insurance to capturing the very best imagery – the cameras raw data can be directly used inside the viewing technology. Therefore no stitching or other Post manipulation is required. Its right first time – every time.







The camera contains Spheron’s pioneering automatic 32-bit HDR (High Dynamic Range) Image Capture technology – ensuring the camera can perform in any lighting environments – from the darkest underground locations to the brightest direct Sun light scenarios. (26 – f-stops)
Due to the cameras optics & precision engineered technology the image quality is precise in nature never suffering from parallax distortion problems or other quality issues.

Its easy to use system via its one-click camera operation interface ensuring that all whom operate the unit produce the very best quality imagery every time. The portable device also allows for the recording of 3D Measurements, this is via the cameras  unique photogrammetric immersive measurement technology.


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Scanlight is a powerful lighting solution for perfect illumination on scene. A system which complements the SceneCam to provide for complete independence from actual onsite light conditions. It provides the camera with full illumination and a constant even amount of light throughout the entire spherical capture process.


Capturing full spherical images under low light conditions can result in an increase  of scan time. Additional lights may be used, but the common approaches usually require heavy batteries or even generators: some types of light appear in the full spherical image or cast unwanted shadows.







The SceneCam's Scanlight attaches directly to the cameras sensor head. During the scan this rotates together with the camera around the vertical axis, while its precisely focused quad-column LED array illuminates only the actual scan area, resulting in valuable battery power being saved and therefore mobile operation time is improved.


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SceneCenter Framework

SceneCenter is an intelligent software system to allow virtual access to a site or location.


It is specifically designed visually based software database system, which  provides an easy-to-use automated approach for onsite digital documentation. This is next-generation Virtual Site tour technology, which truly provides a rich interactive visual simulation of an existing location.



SceneCenter facilitates remote virtual location access whilst also offering a collaboration tool between multiple  users providing them with a communication method  in the most timely and cost effective manner.

Image Based Documentation – full spherical images are the foundation of this visual oriented documentation concept. Images captured automatically from the SceneCam are imported into the SceneCenter Framework. Once there the software allows for all types of digital information to be integrated such as manuals, instructions,  photos, videos and many other such as technical documentations. Framework also allows its users on demand surveying of 3D measurements directly within the images.

An added feature of the system is its ability to provide a collaborative environment for users to  maintain the integrity of all visual assets and their associated information. A digital solution which may be operated both locally and or via an online database portal, providing virtual site access 24/7 from anywhere in the world.


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