SceneCam 2.0 camera solution

Spheron-VR announce the camera system - SceneCam version 2.0

On Track with Spheron-VR

L&M Surveys opt for twenty two Spheron Camera systems for Visual Asset Management.

Spheron issues new SceneCenter

Spheron-VR issues version 2.0 of its visual content management software  - SceneCenter



Spheron-Lite camera solution

The new solution provides the ultimate HDR colour for 3D point cloud colourisation

University adopts Forensic Tech

Staffordshire University investigate merits of Spheron's Crime Scene technology with UK Police.

University opt for Spheron Tech

UK based University invest in Spheron’s latest Forensic Crime Scene Technology

GIS support in SceneCenter 3.0

SpheronVR presents new SceneCenter software now with GIS technology support.

Real-World Glass Visualizations

PLP Architects use Spheron for Reality based Visualization studies of Glass.

3d HDR Model via Spheron data

Geosphere4D use Spheron Camera to create HDR 3d Environment


Sony use Spheron's for 3D VFX

Sony Pictures Imageworks use Spheron Cameras for many VFX Productions, including  The Amazing Spiderman & Men in Black