SPAR 3D Editor interviews Spheron-VR

SPAR 3d Editor interviews at the Houston USA 2016 conference.


Describing it as ‘the next great asset management tool hdr photography..’

SPAR is a specialist 3D imaging news and analysis source covering news about all major laser scanning & immersive device manufacturers, scanning providers and software providers.Read the full story here -

Geomatics World review SceneWorks Framework

Geomatics World reviews the SceneWorks Framework solution in its latest Engineering Showcase publication. They talk to Spheron SceneWorks customer MWH whom are a global engineering company providing water, energy, program management, and construction services to industrial, municipal, utility and government clients.


Listen to MWH present at SPAR Conference -

Article in New Police "Die neue Polizei" Publication

The latest technology for objective and visual documentations of Police Crime Scenes. Visual crime scene documentation based on unique visual database technology system. (German Document)


Digital Documentation for the Construction Industry – Article in “Tiefbau”

A current research project develops a ground-breaking solution for a new method of documentation, used within the construction industry. Visual Asset Management solution, full-spherical images allow for intuitive visual inspection of the construction site, as well as for “accessing” meta-data such as videos or texts. Also a real time photogrammetric technology. Technical University Darmstadt, Germany, in cooperation with Bilfinger Berger AG (International Construction and Services Group) – (German Document)


Article in leading CGI Publication – 3d World

A new benchmark in photorealistic 360-degree scene capture: the SpheroCam HDR. John Ruskin famously once said: “Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.” If you want quality in 360-degree digital camera technology, you should consider SpheronVR

Highlights from Siggraph

Listen to the press - journalists highlight Spheron technology at the largest international Computer Graphics conference – SIGGRAPH.  (start 3min 35s in)