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Geosphere4D use Spheron Camera to create HDR 3d Environment

Spheron-VR AG, known globally as pioneers in HDR (High Dynamic Range) camera technology and experts in visual content management software, announce that a leading UK geospatial survey company, Geosphere4d have invested in the latest Spheron HDR Camera equipment.

Geosphere4d is a technology led geomatics and geospatial survey company based in West Sussex, UK. They specialise in the use of leading edge 3D measurement and imaging technology to deliver bespoke survey and documentation solutions within a broad range of market sectors. Including measured building surveys, topographic surveys, engineering surveys and deformation surveys.

‘The Spheron spherical images are used to generate SceneCases for Visual Asset Management and by also utilizing photogrammetric software (from app such as Agisoft) the spherical images are registered together and geo-referenced to generate 3d modelled textured environments which can be converted into 3D point cloud data for import into laser scanning software for feature extraction and further processing.'said Ian Anderson Geosphere 4d Managing Director. The ability to create 3D models and point clouds from the spherical imagery provides significant operational and commercial benefits, further justifying Geosphere4d’s investment in the Spheron system.’

The Spheron SceneCam is a unique mobile Reality Capture device – A high resolution fully automatic camera technology which is able to provide full spherical imagery of sites or locations. A 50 meg pixel camera which is capturing full spherical 360 x 180° uninterrupted views each time. Spheron’s Visual Asset Management business unit offers solutions for general onsite scene documentation. It simplifies onsite communication details by linking pioneering visualization technology to real business asset data. Improving onsite awareness as well as aiding the proficiency of it users.



SPHERON-VR AG is one of the most innovative companies in the area of visual information technologies. Core products of the German headquartered company are digital HDRi camera systems for full spherical photography as well as workflow-integrated image processing and database applications.

Designed to fit the needs and requirements of many industry sectors, the companies major markets are Photorealistic Visualization & Computer Graphics (CGI) and database driven Visual Asset Management solutions in the areas of crime scene investigation, security, fire and tactical training. Comprehensive service offerings complete the professional portfolio.



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