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17.11.2015 12:59 Age: 8 yrs

MK Surveys opt for Spheron colour imaging technology

Spheron-VR AG, known globally as pioneers in HDR (High Dynamic Range) camera technology and experts in visual content management software, announce that a leading UK survey company, MK Surveys have invested in the latest Spheron HDR Camera. Here they reveal how it has already been successfully used on a prestigious cultural heritage project.

MK Surveys is a leading Survey & Technical Geospatial service company which operates from 5 office locations across the UK. They are one of the most respected independent survey companies offering a wide range of professional measurement services including  topographical surveys, measured building surveys, 3D laser scanning, BIM, and various GIS / asset data collection and mapping . Their wide range of services cover numerous market sectors including, private, commercial, education, health, rail, utilities, as well as heritage and archeology.  

Following extensive evaluations of different colour imaging technologies , MK Surveys soon found that the Spheron cameras ability to automatically capture high quality HDR environments along with the SceneCenter visual asset management software was a compelling advantage.

They were recently commissioned to undertake a measured survey of the famous Oxford Castle. A grand norman medieval castle building situated on the western side of Oxford England.  Mr Lewis Hook – Survey Manager explained ‘ We were contracted to document an underground part of the castle  beneath St. George’s Tower. It was  an area with minimal lighting known as the St. George's Chapel Crypt.’

‘The cameras ability to capture automatically precise clear colour details of the 11th-century norman column structures was exceptional.  Both the high dynamic range and high resolution plus additional lighting capabilities allowed us to record  excellent image quality throughout.’

The MK Surveys team, set out to use the Spheron data for a number of deliverables.  It was used to give the best HDR colour to be applied to the laser scan point data –  ‘Unlike other systems we had  previously tested - this RGB overlay process was simple and the tonemapped imagery matched the laser scan data precisely with no parallax distortion issues.’

As well, the Spheron data was used in the production of Orthophotographs, which formed a necessary part of the  preservation  documentation  requirements as well as aiding in the digitizing of the captured detail within our CAD software.  ‘Being able to see such clear details, really assisted our CAD technicians to accurately highlight the ornate stone details.’

MK Surveys - Director, Mr Stuart Dimond added  ‘Capturing Reality is an emerging development within our Geospatial markets and we see our investment in Spheron as a great complement to this. Spheron’s image sensor technology delivers superb clarity, ensuring we can record onsite every detail which can be vital on some of our latest client projects.  It has been a pleasure dealing with SpheronVR and their support teams have already assisted us further with enhancing these new imaging workflows.’

The Spheron SceneCam is a unique mobile Reality Capture device – an automatic camera technology which is able to provide full spherical imagery of sites or locations. A camera which is capturing high quality full spherical HDR 360 x 180 degree uninterrupted views and is also able to provide 3d measurements .

Spheron’s Visual Asset Management business unit offers solutions for general onsite scene documentation. It simplifies onsite communication details by linking pioneering visualization technology to real business asset data. Improving onsite awareness as well as aiding the proficiency of it users.

Full Case Study

MK-Surveys link - http://www.mksurveys.com/about/case-studies/oxford-castle-spheron-vr



SPHERON-VR AG is one of the most innovative companies in the area of visual information technologies. Core products of the German headquartered company are digital HDRi camera systems for full spherical photography as well as workflow-integrated image processing and database applications.

Designed to fit the needs and requirements of many industry sectors, the companies major markets are Photorealistic Visualization & Computer Graphics (CGI) and database driven Visual Asset Management solutions in the areas of crime scene investigation, security, fire and tactical training. Comprehensive service offerings complete the professional portfolio.

SPHERON-VR AG is based in Germany, where it develops, manufactures and delivers its technologies and solutions.  Strategic partnerships and sales channels allow SPHERON-VR AG to offer their unique portfolio to a worldwide market.