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11.09.2013 08:19 Age: 9 yrs

Spheron equips UK University with its latest 3D crime scene technology

Spheron-VR, global pioneers in HDR (High Dynamic Range) camera technology and visual content management, is pleased to announce that its camera customer, Staffordshire University, is now implementing the latest version of SceneWorks Forensic software within the University’s new state-of-the-art Science Centre. It will be used to both advance the education of forensic students and to innovate how crime scenes are investigated.

Spheron's SceneWorks technology is a crime scene management and documentation system which is used to improve the clarity and communication of crime scene evidence. Investigators can quickly and easily record a real crime scene, assemble a case within a 3D virtual experience, collaborate with others via a secure multi-user online visual database and even present it as part of the evidence in a court.

The forensic software is to be housed in the University's new £30m Science Centre which comprises of high-tech teaching and research laboratory and facilities for educating students in areas such as forensic and crime sciences.

This technology has been described as a game-changer and I'm inclined to agree. It can be accessed by people involved in an investigation from any computer and it functions as a one-stop shop for all evidence," said Professor John Cassella, Department of Forensic Science and Crime Science Faculty of Computing, Staffordshire University, "We are one of the first UK universities to be looking at this technology.

It will be used in our undergraduate teaching in the University's crime scene house and in the classroom. Later we hope to work with some external police agencies to also investigate the practical applications of using this new digital image recording technology.''

The solution enables a complete new workflow of 3D visual scene documentation - from a crime scene through to court or from an onsite critical location through to the desk of analysers or decision makers. The forensic Sceneworks software's intuitive user interface allows authorised personnel to explore a crime scene remotely, to exchange information and to update it instantly with new evidence. Users can also take 3D measurements directly from the photographic imagery. It increases objectivity and efficiency and so more case documentation can be handled in less time.

Peter Taylor, UK Technical Business Manager, at SpheronVR added: "We're very pleased to see the next generation of scientists and forensic science professionals utilising our equipment to both benefit their education and also help set new methods for future crime forensic recordings." In addition to crime scene investigation and other police work, Spheron's SceneWorks technology can be tailored for many practical applications, such as in security, military, fire investigation, tactical training, construction, anti-terrorism, heritage archiving and facilities management.


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