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18.02.2018 17:25 Age: 5 yrs

Spheron-VR launches SceneCam 2.0

Spheron-VR AG, known globally as pioneers in HDR (High Dynamic Range) camera technology and experts in visual content management software, today launch their SceneCam in version 2.0.The SceneCam is able to capture 360º x 180º spherical images automatically in a single scan and produces 26 f-stops of dynamic range (32-bit per channel x RGB = 96-bit image data per pixel) and a clarity of more than 100 mega-pixels* in resolution (* when compared to a DSLR sensor).


This SceneCam 2.0 Solution features an almost complete redesign & optimization to achieve additional features and benefits, some of which are:


 -   a newly designed power supply unit offers increased capacity from a single battery; it is rapid swappable, allows for capacity monitoring and can be used concurrently by both the camera and its lighting accessory unit ScanLight.


 -   the system has been updated to now support the Panasonic ToughPad, a powerful and fully ruggedized tablet giving users intuitive access to all operational controls; the clear display allows for a real-time onsite preview and inspection; form-factor, weight and uptime are improved.


 -   the new carbon-tripod is further enhanced to allow for an increased 3d-measurement accuracy; it now features a handy quick release camera head mount for rapid assembly, along with a new attachment- & locking-mechanism to mount the tablet.


 -   the entire Solution (Camera, Scanlight and all accessories) is packaged with 35% less size and 25% less weight - but continues to ensure safest transportation in the toughest of conditions.


The SceneCam 2.0 is the fully integrated spherical capturing device, used within the SceneWorks division of SpheronVR; offering a complete solution portfolio for the production of virtual scene documentation and tailored solutions for areas such as Forensics, Security, Critical Infrastructure Protection and Industries such as Plant-Inspection, Construction and Surveillance.


  SceneCam 2.0 Announcement          SceneCam 2.0 DataSheet




SPHERON-VR AG is one of the most innovative companies in the area of visual information technologies. Core products of the German headquartered company are digital HDRi camera systems for full spherical photography as well as workflow-integrated image processing and database applications. Designed to fit the needs and requirements of many industry sectors, the companies major markets are Photorealistic Visualization & Computer Graphics (CGI) and database driven Visual Asset Management solutions in the areas of crime scene investigation, security, fire and tactical training. Comprehensive service offerings complete the professional portfolio. SPHERON-VR AG is based in Germany, where it develops, manufactures and delivers its technologies and solutions.  Strategic partnerships and sales channels allow SPHERON-VR AG to offer their unique portfolio to a worldwide market. 


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