Spheron SceneWorks - Brief Overview

A short overview of SceneWorks - SpheronVR's digital platform for visual content management

HDR and Measurement functions of Spheron Camera

The Spheron Camera can be used to take 3D scene measurements. See and understand how this feature is used

University and Police investigate merits of crime-scene technology

SceneCenter used on Mobile Tablet

SceneWorks Overview (full)

Get an overview of SpheronVR SceneCenter software. Experience the advantages of a visual asset management system.

SceneCenter Forensic

Using an example case, we show how a SceneCase can be presented using SceneCenter Forensic, from a 10,000-feet overview down to the smallest fingerprint trace.

Sony Pictures Imageworks - The Smurfs

The SpheroCAM HDR is instrumental to Sony Pictures Imageworks workflow for image-based set reconstruction and Lightprobe capturing. See how SPI used SpheronVR technology during production of "The Smurfs".

Barclaycard "Rollercoaster" Advert

See behind the scenes how SpheronVR techonlogy enables The Mill to make this Barclaycard "Rollercoaster" advert happen.

Santander "Lego" Advert

Post-Production House The Mill NYC brings to liveSantander Lego Advert using SpheroCam HDR.

Ford C-Max

Ford C-Max creatively assembled using Spheron technology

Spheron HDRv

Demo-Scene shot with SpheronHDRv camera. A high dynamic range video camera, capable of capturing HDR video at up to 30 frames per second in full HD resolution.

Spheron HDR video – footage from SpheronVR AG on Vimeo.

HDRv for VFX

See how the Spheron HDRv high dynamic range video camera system can be used fore lighting computer generated (CGI) 3D models in visual effetcs (VFX) productions.

HDRv sequences used for image based lighting in VFX from Jonas Unger on Vimeo.

NEON: "Skater" Spot

This ad uses a high dynamic range lightprobe acquired with a SpheroCam HDR to integrate 3D elements seamlessly into live-action footage.