CGI – Reality based Visualization

Introduction to SPHERON-CGI

The technologies and solutions that SPHERON-VR develops under the brand name SPHERON-CGI bridge the gap between the real world and Computer Graphics.

We empower our customers with technology to realize their visions to the highest visual perfection and aesthetics. 

The fundamental concept of our SPHERON-CGI technology is to capture real world data and make it available to the creative process of visualization. Within the realization process, we want to achieve maximum satisfaction, aesthetics and quality.

Reality Capture imaging technology, for assisting content production professionals in many creative fields.

Areas of application for Reality based Visualization

  • Film & Effects: seamless merging of virtual objects into real world scenes.
  • Games & Entertainment industry: creation of virtual sets to play games at real locations.
  • Automotive and comparable industries: product visualization within design- and marketing process; to validate shapes, surfaces and materials as well as to produce marketing deliverables, even before products exist.
  • Architectural planning and surveying: pre-visualization for building projects as well as visual inspection of construction sites and renovation projects


SpheroCam HDR

With the SpheroCam HDR we pioneered the use of HDR cameras for professional full spherical 360-degree image capturing: it is the first camera able to measure real-world luminosity values from the darkest shadow areas through to the brightest sunlight - with a single scan operation.








The SpheroCam HDR is specially designed and optimized for professionals who want the ultimate photographic light measuring tool. It can assist in the production CGI - 3D renderings which the human eye will believe as true. The fundamental idea is: measure the true luminosity at the location and use it to accurately light a 3d Computer Graphic objects – the concept of “Image-based Lighting”. IBL

Key Features
•    Full spherical HDR images (360° x 180°)
•    Up to 26 f-stops of dynamic range in one single scan
•    Highest-quality with a resolution of up to 50 megapixels 
•    Automated post-processing engine
•    Integrated GPS (position and time-stamp)
•    Designed for mobile use


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HDR - High Dynamic Range Imaging

* Full HDR captured at source in a single scan operation ( automatically records 26 f-stops )
* Full 32-bit image data path ( 32-bits per channel RGB = 96-bits )
* Supported formats include - Radiance HDR , Open EXR & 32-bit floating point TIFF


3D Measurement


On demand surveying by accurate 3D measurements.

Our 3D measurement solution enables the capture of actual 3D information while being on location: it allows to easily measure 3D points and/or sizes of objects or distances within the full spherical image .


  • Capture two fully spherical images using the SpheroCam HDR with its precision calibrated fisheye lens and 3D measurement tripod.
  • Process the raw images to .EXR file format (simple drag & drop on the Spheron Post Processor Engine).
  • Load the .EXRs with the SpheronViewer IM (IM: immersive measurement).
  • Place a marker within each image using the mouse.
  • See the measurement result directly.
  • Even export data as plain text file the 3d coordinates or as locator points (via .mel-script for Maya)

Technical Detail


* Technology - Captures in vertical scanlines, while rotating about the vertical axis (one-shot 360°x180° HDR scanning, no stitching, no bracketing exposures)

* Scan Time 360°  - 20 seconds up to several minutes, depending on exposure time, chosen dynamic range and resolution

* Viewfinder   - Laptop screen / instant LDR preview (tonemapped)

* Operating Software   - Dedicated operation and post-processing software touchscreen.


* Resolution  -  Full spherical: up to 50 megapixel (5.300 x 10.600 pixel) Panoramic: up to 100.000 pixels horizontal

* Horizontal Angle  -  Adjustable 1° through 1600°

* Vertical Field of View   - Focal length dependent, up to 180° with fisheye lense  


Photographic Details

* Lens   - Nikon® Nikkor AF-D 16 mm (individually) calibrated fisheye lens for spherical images, up to 200 mm lenses for panoramas.

* Pixel Data   - 96-bit technology: Radiance (.hdr) and OpenEXR (.exr)

* Dynamic Range    - up to 26 f-stops

* Exposure Times    - 1/100.000 up to ¼ seconds per scanline (1/6 f-stops in between standard graduation)

* Focus distances   -  macro through infinity, depending on lens used

* Focusing   - manual with acoustical feedback and graphical aid   



* Data Transfer   -  USB (Universal Serial Bus)

* Driving Unit  -   DC motor (2 million precise positions per 360°)

* Unplugged Operation    - 8 hours on one battery pack

* Dimensions   -  Ø = 140 mm, h= 300 mm (Ø 5"x 12’’), 1.9 kg