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Spheron CGI - An Image Based Lighting Overview

The concept of using real-world photographic images to illuminate CG objects - Image-Based Lighting. Spheron IBL Overview

Spheron CGI - SpheroCamHDR_IBL

SpheroCam HDR - used Image-Based Lighting VFX techniques

Sony Pictures Imageworks - The Smurfs

The SpheroCAM HDR is instrumental to Sony Pictures Imageworks workflow for image-based set reconstruction and Lightprobe capturing. See how SPI used SpheronVR technology during production of "The Smurfs".

Ford C-Max

Ford C-Max creatively assembled using Spheron technology

Barclaycard "Rollercoaster" Advert

See behind the scenes how SpheronVR techonlogy enables The Mill to make this Barclaycard "Rollercoaster" advert happen.