Forensics with SceneWorks

Todays Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) is executed by dedicated experts from multiple disciplines. One of their goals is to present a concise analysis of their findings. 

With our business unit SceneWorks-forensics, we offer an integrated workflow to increase the objectivity and the efficiency of modern crime scene investigation.

Introduction to the concept

We all have experienced the immense power of a text driven search in the internet via search engines: once we know the right keyword, the search-engines will "find it all", BUT if we don't ...., the screen stays empty.


On a smaller scale: is part of your job description to be a shareholder in the process of crime scene investigation? If so, did you ever have to communicate results via "clever named" folders or file names?


Here's our background: as a manufacturer of high-end (full spherical) cameras, some of our customers in the past were indeed police-photographers. They used the camera to document crime scenes. They figured: "... see the glas of water there. I actually do know that we have found a fingerprint on it. Wouldn't it be great to allow everyone in our team to immediately access the PDF with the fingerprint analysis by a simple mouse-click on the glass?



In a more general context: is there an alternative to sharing knowledge via plain text search on "names" and - if so - how would it look like when it comes to crime scene investigation?


Within our Team, we wanted to make this vision of a "visual" crime scene come true. We wanted to allow each shareholder of a crime scene investigation to (re-) experience the crime scene with his/her personal focus and attention. Simultaneously (and with a simple mouse click) we wanted to empower him/her to be able to share all his expertise and insights with the team in almost realtime, whilst - vice versa - have all the other expert results right at hand: an integrated digital workflow to manage, document and present a crime scene via the the visual modality.


Interested? If so, you may want to watch a short video here (~4 minutes, no voice-over).

SceneCam (forensic)

The SceneCam is a mobile, full spherical and high resolution capturing device. Being fully automated, the device is your insurance to capture the very best imagery at the crime scene.

The cameras raw data can be directly processed and inspected at the scene. There is no stitching or other post manipulation required. Its right at the first time – every time.







The SceneCam contains Spheron’s pioneering automatic 32-bit HDR (High Dynamic Range) image capture technology – ensuring the camera can perform in any lighting environments – from the darkest underground locations to the brightest direct sun light scenarios (26 – f-stops).

Due to the cameras optics & precision engineered technology the image quality is precise in nature, never suffering from parallax distortion problems or other stitching induced quality issues.

Its easy to use this system via its one-click camera operation interface ensuring that all who operate the unit produce the very best quality imagery every time. The portable device also allows for the recording of 3D measurements, this is via the cameras  unique photogrammetric immersive measurement technology.


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Scanlight is a powerful lighting solution for perfect illumination on scene. A system which complements the SceneCam to provide for complete independence from actual onsite light conditions. It provides the camera with full illumination and a constant even amount of light throughout the entire spherical capture process.


Capturing full spherical images under low light conditions can result in an increase  of scan time. Additional lights may be used, but the common approaches usually require heavy batteries or even generators: some types of light appear in the full spherical image or cast unwanted shadows.







The SceneCam's Scanlight attaches directly to the cameras sensor head. During the scan this rotates together with the camera around the vertical axis, while its precisely focused quad column LED array illuminates only the actual scan area, resulting in valuable battery power being saved and therefore mobile operation time is improved.


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SceneCenter Forensics

SceneCenter Forensics is an intelligent software system allowing virtual access to a Crime Scene site.It is a specifically designed visually based software database system, which provides an easy-to-use automated approach for documenting a Crime Scene. This is next-generation Virtual Site tour technology, which provides forensic professionals with an ability to revisit a crime location via a rich interactive display all from their desktops.It facilitates remote virtual location access whilst also offering a collaboration tool between multiple Police / Forensic staff, providing them with a communication method  in the most timely and cost effective manner.



The system is able to organise and arrange complex crime science and other evidence analysis information into a clear well-structured display. During the investigation stages the system provides a live interactive dashboard of the Virtual Crime Scene, offering shared valuable information with all authorised personnel whom are working on the case. The software can be configured for both local standalone single users or available across an entire network, providing multiple users secure virtual site access 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Image Based Documentation – full spherical images are the foundation of this visual oriented documentation concept. Images captured automatically from the SceneCam are imported into the SceneCenter Forensic software. Once there the software allows for many types of analysis information to be integrated, such as all evidence trace samples (Blood, Fibre trace, Fingerprint, Hair samples, DNA etc.)  plus detail photos, notes, videos and many others such as technical report documentations.

Additionally the software also allows its users on-demand surveying of 3D measurements directly within the images.

Once a case is complete, the database software offers a variety of report deliverables – both printed or fully interactive, which may also be used to aid court room presentations or other such legal re-construction requirements.


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